We are proud to have suppliers that have the same ideology as us


In its 40 years in the industry, Kerakoll has been so successful that it has gone from being top of the domestic market to a top Italian-based business in Europe, before also becoming a leading European group (and Italian at heart) bound for the international arena.International expansion and an ever more global approach have certainly not eroded the longstanding Kerakoll identity. The company has remained faithful to the values that saw it rise to 1st place in the production of GreenBuilding solutions around the world with more than 1,700 items that are 100% eco-friendly.Innovation, respect for the environment, concern for health and living comfort, and a pure wholesome approach are the defining tenets of Kerakoll.

Kerakoll today:

• Employs more than 1,340 people with an average age of 35;

• Has 12 branches in the world;

• Exports almost 40% of its products to more than 100 different countries;

• Supplies 20,000 builders merchants and 5,000 wood flooring centres worldwide;

• Serving the nigh on 2,000,000 building professionals who choose Kerakoll products every year.

Kerakoll was Technical Supplier for key building projects such as:

• The 2010 Green Point Stadium in Cape Town

• The 2008 Olympic Stadium and the Beijing Lufthansa Center – which won the Lubian Award, the highest national recognition awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Construction

• Valencia’s City of Arts and Science

• The London and Tokyo underground systems

• The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

• The Music Park Auditorium and Museo Maxxi in Rome

• The Houston Design Centre

• The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

The World Trade Center in Bahrain and restoration of pieces of world heritage such as:

• St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice

• The Verona Arena

• The Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Vecchio and Corridoio Vasariano in Florence

• The Reggia di Venaria Reale, the biggest restoration project in Europe

DRACO Italiana SpA

Since 1982: passion for building technology
Their product development process aims at reaching top quality standards and real innovation for designers, companies, ready-mixed concrete producers and retailers of building material. They develop products with features that are not only useful in every building site, but they also should pass the test of time. They provide their customers with technical assistance and professional advice along all their project steps from design to installation. This service can make the difference and it never leaves their customers alone.

Integration and innovation for the building industry
DRACO Network.
The companies of this group can share their experiences. This turns into DRACO Group’s driving force and plays a central role for its products. Moreover the group companies are used as a benchmark for products and they are a valuable asset for their feedback on the performances of the materials used in building sites.

DRACO Group consists of highly specialized companies operating in different branches of the building industry. Every day over 200 employees of this network take care of different fields of modern buildings and give valuable suggestions on the development of DRACO’s products.

Ivas Group is an international reality that has been operating for more than half a century in finishes for construction, offering products, solutions, integrated technologies ideal to satisfy the most complex requirements of design and construction.
“We add value to the building industry” is this guiding concept that has propelled the IVAS Group to a leadership position in the construction industry.