Our products have been featured in many projects. Happy clients is our only mission.

Vassiliko Cement Factory

More than 900 tonnes of FLUECO 35 have been poured inside the bases of the new mills and furnaces being erected in three phases as part of the factory’s expansion.

Castle Hotel Limassol. Structural Upgrading of columns and beams

The project involves structural upgrading of the 8 storrey hotel originally constructed in 1970. More than 400tonnes of FLUECO 60 have been used around existing columns and beams.

Concrete Repairs and Anchoring

These   photos show  a CYTA building in Lakatamia undergoing structural upgrade, a hotel renovated in Limassol and a project in Larnaca . In these projects  the following products were used:

Draco Flueco 80T.One component, thixotropic fibre reinforced mortar; no shrinkage for structural repairs. Fibre reinforced mortar, high mechanical resistance, for structural repairs of industrial structures, bridges, galleries etc.

Draco Flueco 60.One component self-levelling mortar. Self-levelling, no shrinkage mortar for maintenance or restoring works on industrial structures, bridges etc.

Draco Flueco 35.Premixed mortar, no shrinkage, for anchoring. Used for anchoring all types of machineries and metal or concrete precast elements. For anchoring more than 10 cm.

Natural stone fixing on vertical surfaces

Kerakoll H40 Flex has been used to glue natural stones on vertical fair faced concete walls in major civil engineering projects including Limassol Bypass (Ag. Athanasios Junction).

Kerakoll H4O.Certified rubber over-universal adhesive material for bonding even in nesting homogeneous tiles, ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, thin plates, large tiles and natural stone in all installation conditions. Ideal for GreenBuilding. One component, with reduced CO2 emissions and very low volatile organic compound emissions. Recyclable as an inert material.

Kerakoll H30 ECO.Certified elastic super-adhesive for welding high strength ceramic granite, ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, thin slabs and natural stone, ideal for GreenBuilding. One component, with reduced CO2 emissions and very low emissions of volatile organic compounds. Recyclable as an inert material. The H30 Eco provides complete wetting and high performance even in areas with heavy loads, guaranteeing the placement of all types of ceramic tiles in mineral or cementitious substrates.

Olympic Residence

Adhesives and grouts for swimming pools, adhesives for ceramics and marbles and 7000m^2 of self levelling in parking.